Now Avaialble: Freedom Road - A Feral Cat Novel

Freedom Road follows Bandit, Ella, Andy, Blue and a few other feral cats who have been driven out of their home from the city and made their way along miles of adventures. You, the reader, will be taken along this journey, its joys, sorrows, laughter, dangers, love and perseverance of the feral soul that never gives up.

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Freedom Road

Snares your heart
By Chris Sanchez on May 8, 2016

I wasn't two pages in when I started crying. It's a short book, I finished it in less than an hour but I cried all the way through it. Jean Boileau brings the cats to life and they reach out and grab your heart. Every cat that you have ever loved is represented and you will need tissues.

A World Most Beautiful
By Operation Save the Trailer Park Cats on April 26, 2016

I just had the distinct pleasure.. and honor of reading Jean Boileau's newest feral cat novel, Freedom Road, and wanted to share my thoughts. It is a truly poignant piece that will take you on a journey. From the height of euphoria to the depths of sorrow and back. It will put you in touch with the beautiful, emotion filled lives that our wild friends live and the spiritual connection that we as cat lovers, parents, and especially feral caretakers share with them. For animal lovers everywhere and those that are curious, this will draw you in, touch your heart, and allow you to see a world most beautiful. Please check it out. You'll be glad you did.
a beautiful, compassionate love story of feral cats By da on May 8 2016

a beautiful, compassionate love story of feral much caring & adventure in this book....from the very 1st page I was captivated & could not put this book down until I finished the whole story....tears, joy & happiness fills the pages as you are taken on a journey of the cats....thank you Jean Boileau...I look forward to the sequel....