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Freedom Road
My upcoming book scheduled for release mid to late May, 2016. Learn more here >
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Freedom Road - A Feral Cat Novel
Pre-order your copy today click here for order page

Taking pre-orders now for my new novel Freedom Road - A Feral Cat Novel. You can order here

Something exciting is going on here at Loving the Feral Soul. A decade ago people were introduced to a feral cat colony on a Christmas eve and a tiny kitten by the name of Coby who learned of loss, heartbreak and the magic of angels and Santa Claus. With the strenght of other colony cats, little Coby grew into a strong and wise young cat.

Two years later in 2008, the gang was back and this time little Coby now a two year old tom met the love of his life Claire but illness took this precious cat from their colony and the cats mourned his loss as well as Grandpa.

Here we are eight years later and a new and exciting chapter of the lives of these feral cats is being brought to life again in a book entitled Freedom Road. Eight years in the making and planning of this novel, I am thrilled to bring you this novel in May, 2016. Excited? Read more on Freedom Road here and learn also about how you can help make thiis project a reality through my much needed Crowd Funding project to bring you this new and exciting chapter in the lives of these feral cats.